Pendulum Lab. Interference

Pendulum Laboratory The equations of pendulum are $T= C * \sqrt{L/g}$    (1) $T= 2\pi * \sqrt{L/g} * [1+(1/2)^2*\sin^2(x/2)+(3/4)^2*\sin^4(x/2)]$   (2) 1. For which angle is the period given by pendulum equation (2) diferrent with 1% from that given by the simplest equation (1)? You can consider just the first and second term in the sum of

Mechanics Homework, Set 1

  1. A race car makes two and a half laps around a circular track in 3.7 MIN. What is the car’s average angular speed? Express your answer using two significant figures. 2. A wheel of radius 1.2 M rotates at a uniform speed. If a point on the rim of the wheel has a centripetal acceleration of 2.8 m/s s,