Range of a baseball ball

A baseball player hits the baseball with a velocity of 63 m/s at an angle of 22 degrees with the ground.  What is the range of the baseball?

First, one needs to find the x (horizontal) and y (vertical) components of the speed.
$Vx = V*cos(\alpha) =63*cos(22) = 58.41 m/s$
$Vy = V*sin(\alpha) =63*sin(22) =23.60 m/s$
The time t1 to the maximum altitude comes from (at maximum amplitude the vertical speed is zero)
$0 = Vy-g*t1$
$t1 =Vy/g =23.60/9.81 = 2.40 seconds$
Total time of flight is (the trajectory is simetric on ascending and descending parts)
$t_{tot} = 2*t1 =2.4*2 =4.8 seconds$
Total horizontal distance (range) is
$x_{max} =vx*t_tot =58.41*4.8 =281.03 m$